Expect the expected

A process that won't make you feel left in the dark.


Online Presence

Every successful digital ad campaign begins with a great website. It's how potential customers will form their opinion of your entire business when they find you online. If your website is outdated or you don't have one yet, ArcLight can help. We design and build clean, message-focused sites that clearly direct your customers to your preferred method of contact or point of sale.



The goal of our initial conversation will be to learn about your business and its typical customers so that we can determine how much it will likely cost to reach them online. We'll be honest about what you can expect, and we'll only suggest proceeding if we anticipate a positive return on your adspend.


Marketing Plan

If we decide to move forward after our consultation, we'll get to work on a preliminary advertising strategy. We'll determine who to target, what your ads should look like and when and where to run them for maximum efficacy.


Ad Placement

ArcLight uses two primary online advertising methods: search engine marketing (also known as SEM) and social media marketing. We also consider other options if your business has unique needs.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Google is a ~90 BILLION dollar annual company. There's a reason for that; it's the most powerful informational tool the world has ever known (not to mention the world's biggest advertiser). People use it every day to find what options are available for the products and services they demand. ArcLight specializes in using the Google AdWords platform to place your company at the top of Google search results for the products and services you offer. ArcLight is a Google AdWords "partner" which means we are Google-certified professional advertisers for the Google marketplace.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Unlike paid search, social media marketing allows targeting your likely customer base without them actively looking for your product or service. Dynamic photo and video ads can be placed in Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds of specific users based on detailed demographic parameters. We are Facebook Blueprint certified in both ad planning and buying.

  • Other Platforms

    There are myriad other digital advertising platforms besides Google and Facebook, such as podcasts, social influencers and email marketing. We'll consider all options when devising the marketing strategy for your business.


Service Agreement

You'll receive an outline of our strategy, proposed budget and what constitutes a success under the terms of our risk-free trial. ArcLight never requires long-term contracts or deposits. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, cancel at any time without financial penalty.


Campaign Launch

Your ads will start running and you should notice a dramatic increase in lead generation almost immediately. We'll be with you every step of the way, notifying you of your daily spending and checking in to ask about the quality of the leads you're receiving. We'll always be available for questions or concerns.


Analysis and Adjustment

As your campaign runs, we'll learn more about which keywords and demographics are generating the most leads. We'll reallocate resources toward the most effective parameters and away from those that are under-performing so that you'll get the best value for your adspend.


Long Term

At least once a month, we'll be in touch to discuss the expectation and performance of your campaign. We'll be happy to provide metrics and reports at any time to show you how we're spending your money and what the results are.