The ArcLight Risk-Free Trial

Terms and Qualifications

A free trial of any kind is virtually unheard of the advertising world. So why do we offer one when almost none of our competitors do? Over the years, we've witnessed first-hand how unscrupulous some marketing companies were with their clients' money and we thought we could do better. With the precise tracking capabilities of today's digital ad platforms, firms can easily be held accountable to their clients and we believe they should be. The risk-free trial reflects our philosophy that an ad company shouldn't make money until their clients do.

Here's how it works:


Website Preparation

Before we can market your business online, you must ensure that the information on your website is up to date, that it looks modern and that it's responsive (easily viewable on both desktop and mobile). ArcLight can help you with website design or redesign, but any work we do on your site is NOT covered by the risk-free trial.


Conversion Verification

To qualify for the risk-free trial, we must be able to track and verify which leads are coming from our ad campaigns vs organic traffic. This usually involves embedding a small bit of code into your website. We can work with your developer if you don't have access to your website's source code (or if you don't know what we're talking about).


Payment Remittance

A payment method must be remitted to us before we begin advertising for you. We want to see that you're serious about starting a longer-term campaign if we can show you results during the risk-free trial and that you can afford short-term marketing expenses. In other words, we're taking the risk so there needs to be a good faith gesture on your end. Your credit card WILL be billed for adspend by Google or Facebook during the risk-free trial, but this amount will be eligible for refund. You will NOT receive a bill from ArcLight for our work during the trial period.


Terms of Success

A success under the risk-free trial will be defined as a positive return on adspend. That is, the customers obtained from our campaign will spend more than it cost to acquire them. If return on adspend is difficult to quantify, we will specifically define what constitutes a success under the terms of the risk-free trial in our service agreement.



If at the end of the trial we don't produce a positive return on adspend or fail to meet our goal as stated in the service agreement, ArcLight will make you whole. That is, we will refund the appropriate amount so that your return on adspend is zero (and not negative). If our success is defined by a metric other than return on adspend, we will refund an amount of your adspend proportional to what percentage of our goal we did accomplish. For example, if our goal was to get you 10 leads during the trial period and we only got 5, we would refund 50% of your adspend.